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Notodden-based Initiative

Located at the Bok & Bluesshuset in Notodden, Norway, Bluestown Rising Production is part of Telemark's regional development initiative. We work closely with the Municipality of Notodden, the County of Telemark and others on the local, regional and national level.

The production company's first project is the documentary ‘Bluestown Rising’, a story that focuses on the creation of one of the world’s most respected Blues festival located in a very unlikely place – our small and relatively isolated town in the mountains of Telemark.

Our corporate Board of Directors consist of Chairman Runar Lia and Board Members Per Christian Voss and Bengt Halvard Odden. 

Jostein Forsberg is the CEO of Bluestown Rising. Forsberg has a long background within creative project management. Additional HR are recruited on a project-by-project basis, with focus on resources in Notodden and Telemark.

Educational and Business Focus

Bluestown Rising was created to stimulate the economy and job creation through encouragement of business entrepreneurship and cooperation. 

In our projects we maintain a focus on entertainment in a way that is combined with educational aspects that include:

  • Cultural: Emphasis on the long standing strong musical and cultural traditionsin the Telemark region and its effect.
  • Industrial Heritage - The development, creation and impact of the world’s most modern industry in the early 1900’s, and its lasting legacy as a UNESCO Industrial Heritage Site.
  • Human Rights and Expression: The parallel in development of the Blues in Notodden with the emergence of the Blues in Mississippi and the close bond between Notodden and Clarksdale.

Bluestown Rising is committed in film projects current and future to incorporate elements of UNESCO, education, business development, job creation and the profile of Notodden and Telemark.  

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